Farside 2
Acoustic live local music in Leicester

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"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - June 2019:  Christopher Moody and the Underground Kings/ Luke Broughton/ hazeyjane/ The N'Ukes/ Scribble Victory/ Two Hombres/ Steve Cartwright/ Becky Foord/ LION/S/ Canora Ceilidh Band/ Tribe of Badriyah/ Brave New World/ Sorrow No More (acoustic stage)/ All Strung Out (acoustic stage)/ Dave Johnson (acoustic stage)/ Gerry Farrow (acoustic stage)/ Nick Ellis (acoustic stage)      artist info page

"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - June 2018:  Evie Ward/ Lee Spencer/ Monochrome Days/ Two Hombres/ Tribe of Badriyah/ Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ Dust and Debris/ Sophie Sparham (poetry)/ James Heathen/ Her Burden/ Vikki Clayton       artist info page

"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - September 2017:   Gerry Farrow/ Ruthie Coles/ Scribble Victory/ Rogue State Circus/ Tribe of Badriyah (belly dancers)/ Two Hombres/ Ruth Stanton/ The Dancing WuMasters/ Sophia Marshall/ Rosedale Crossing/ Highly Strung       artist info page

"Music at The Green Place" Summer of Love day,  Sileby - June 2017:   Petra Jones/ The N'Ukes/ hazeyjane/ Evie Ward/ Red Herrings/ This Might be Music/ Vivien Richardson and Friends/ The Levy/ GU‑RU (solo)/ Christopher Moody and the Underground Kings/ Highly Strung       artist info page

"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - September 2016:  Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ hazeyjane/ Rogue State Circus/ Jaipur School Orchestra/ Heath Robinson's String Band/ Sheila Mosley/ The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project Carlos Stein (Lord of the Loops)/ Sophie Percival/ Joe Doyle/ Bellatones      artist info page

"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - September 2015:  Julie Wright's Sileby Slappers/ Highly Strung/ Northern Quarter/ Cool Jazz Trio/ Michael Kurtz/ Brassick Bears/ Canora Ceilidh Band/ Scribble Victory/ Andrea Kenny/ KC Jones Duo/ Grace and the Magic Roots     artist info page


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